Conference :Sustainable living – how do we get there?  
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Conference :Sustainable living – how do we get there?

Spirella Ballroon, Letchworth. 21 April 2015

To mark the conclusion of our major three-year programme of research through the UH Lafarge Tarmac Sustainable Living Partnership, we held a one day conference which celebrated the achievement. It was held on 21 April 2015 at the Spirella Ballroom in Letchworth.

This offered the chance to share and discuss our findings and provide the opportunity for a range of very practically oriented speakers and panel members, to contribute their views about the theme ‘Sustainable living – how do we get there?’ The conference was both a companion to and extension of the mid term event we held in 2013 into 'Living sustainably – which way should we go?'

The conference had a very applied focus. After a keynote speech from national expert Pete Halsall, in planning for sustainable living, the scene was set for 'living sustainably', Feed back was presented on our findings from across the research into attitudes to sustainable living in masterplanned communities, in the UK and Australia and what that might mean for planning and designing for sustainable living in the future.

The complex interplay between what master planners try to create and the day-to-day lives of people living in master planned communities was considered. How insights into sustainable living can really be applied in practice and some of the pitfalls and unexpected things that happen that our research has uncovered in trying to plan and design for sustainable living.

    Sessions focussed on:
  • Why we did the research, what we found out, and what we think it means
  • End user perspectives – what's it like 'on the ground'? ‘What happens 'after the keys are handed over'?
  • Making it happen – what are the opportunities and barriers people face in being more 'sustainable'?
  • The 'so what?' question – What can we do differently in future – what can we learn from the research and the conference discussions? Where to next?

The conference is supported by a free research report which is available to download from this page, as well as a shorter research summary.

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