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UH Tarmac sustainable living partnership

Through its urbanism work stream, the Centre for Sustainable Communities is part of an exciting research partnership with Tarmac focusing on sustainable living. The partnership arose from a desire to face up to the challenges of creating sustainable communities and is working to create a debate about sustainable living and contribute to national and international work on this theme.

The partnership combines Tarmac's and the University of Hertfordshire's individual practical and academic expertise, in order to inform and influence the sustainable living agenda in three specific areas: designing sustainable places to live, moving away from fossil fuel dependence, and supporting sustainable transport choices. In so doing the partnership fits well within the Centre's focus on aspects of sustainable communities including urbanism, transport and energy

Tarmac has very generously funded the Centre for Sustainable Communities at a level of £50,000 p.a. for three years; and the first three year period is just coming to an end. Through this work we have aimed to generate and publicise very practical and useful results through applied research and dissemination on sustainable living research topics.

To further the Partnership working aims, we have recently completed comparative fieldwork that has been undertaken in both the UK and Australia, exploring attitudes to sustainable living in masterplanned communities. The in-progress results have been discussed and documented at a mid-term conference 'Living Sustainably' and the Proceedings can be downloaded here. The final report summary and full report (add hyperlink) can be downloaded here.

The activities of the partnership have been overseen by a high level independent Steering Group comprising senior members from Tarmac, UH and external invitees, with day to day support and partnership management provided through the Centre for Sustainable Communities.

Partnership next steps – since our research conference and research reportwere released in April 2015 we have been working on next steps for ongoing research through the partnership and will be announcing these soon.

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