Seminar series 2015/16 - March    
                    The Centre for Sustainable Communities
Seminar series 2015/16 - March  

A new Garden City for Hertfordshire?

Please join our chair Professor Jonathan Morris and our terrific panel of expert speakers for this exciting discussion which poses the question - A new Garden City for Hertfordshire?


David Ames
Anthony Downs
Gascoyne Cecil
Tony Skottowe
Welwyn Garden City Heritage Trust
Dr Nicholas Falk
URBED(Urban Environment and Design )Ltd
(winners of the 2014 Wolfson Economics Prize)


The idea of a new Garden City for Hertfordshire was mooted in the Hertfordshire Guide to Growth (UH Press, 2008) as one way to help deal with housing need in the county within a whole place-making approach, and 'garden city sympathetic' ideas have informed a number of subsequent development proposals including the recent Stanborough and Symonshyde charrettes. It was recently reported that Herts MPs back the idea of a new Garden City as an alternative to a proposed new housing blueprint in north Hertfordshire (The Comet, 29.1.2015). More broadly, as our Wolfson Prize winning speaker, Dr Nicholas Falk, points out, we now have the chance to 'grow our own' garden cities (do check out the attached pdf for more on that) - a point perhaps taken on board in last week's budget as the Chancellor published a policy paper on "Locally led garden villages, towns and cities". So, all in all, it's clear garden cities are on the radar in a big way.

The March seminar takes notion of the idea of a new garden city in Herts as its starting point. Our panel of speakers and seminar participants will have the opportunity to consider the idea and test its pros and cons from a number of angles.

Please join us for what promises to be a fascinating exploration of where, how and whether Hertfordshire could - or should - develop a new Garden City in future.


The seminar will commence at 4:15pm till 6:00pm followed by drinks.

The venue for this seminar is: the Central Committee Room on the first floor

Space is limited so please do RSVP by emailing John Conlon as soon as possible

24 March 2016
Maclaurin Building
4 Bishop's Square
AL10 9NE.

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